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  • Latest Research Study on the Effects of Meditation on Twin Hearts on P300 Values

    Congratulations to Dr. Jeff Tarrant, Dr. Neus Raines, and Wayne Blinne on their latest research article The Effects of Meditation…

  • New research finds Meditation on Twin Hearts amplifies positive emotional regulation

    Congratulations to Camila P. R. A. T. Valim, Lucas M. Marques and Paulo S. Boggio on their latest article A…

  • What is Meditation on Twin Hearts?

    Meditation on Twin Hearts is an advanced meditation technique aimed at achieving illumination or universal consciousness. It is also an…

  • Science of Meditation on Twin Hearts

    Scientists doctors and researchers agree that medication is good for our health and minds. Testimonials and anecdotal evidence suggests that…

  • How Do We Meditate?

    Are you interested to try meditating at home? Follow the simple steps discussed in this article and start your journey.

  • How to Organize An Event?

    Who can Organize a Meditation Group? How to organize a meditation group? Read about all the important details you need…

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