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  • Cleanse the etheric body by doing physical exercise for about five to ten minutes. Physical exercises have to be done to minimize possible pranic congestion in the body since this meditation generates a lot of subtle energies in the etheric body.


  • The Invocation is important for one’s protection and guidance. Without Divine Blessings, the practice of any advanced meditation can be dangerous.The following invocation can be used:
    To the Supreme God, I humbly invoke for divine guidance, divine love and illumination, divine oneness, divine bliss, divine help, and divine protection. With thanks and in full faith.


  • The heart chakra is activated by blessing the entire earth with loving­ “kindness using the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. Visualize people.smiling and filled with joy, faith, hope and peace. Visualize enemies reconciling, embracing and forgiving each other. One should also personally feel joy, happiness and peace filling your entire being while blessing the earth.


The crown chakra is activated by using the following blessing:

From the center of the heart of God,

Let the entire earth be blessed with loving-kindness.

Let the entire earth be blessed with great joy and happiness. From the center of the heart of God,

Let the entire earth be blessed with understanding, harmony, and divine peace. Let the entire earth be blessed with goodwill and the will to do good.

Allow yourself to be a channel of divine loving-kindness, joy, happiness, understanding and peace and share these with the whole earth. Visualize people smiling, their hearts filled with joy and happiness. Visualize people or nations that are on the verge of fighting or are fighting reconciling and living in harmony with each other. Visualize people putting down their arms, shaking hands and embracing each other. Imagine people not filled with good intentions, not only talking about doing something good, but also actually carrying out these good intentions.This is the meaning of the “will to do good.”

Blessing with the Heart And Crown Chakras.
Concentrate simultaneously on the crown chakra and the heart chakra, and bless the entire earth. This will align both chakras, thereby making the blessing more potent.You may use the following blessing:

From the center of the heart of God,

Let the entire earth, every person, every being be blessed with divine love and kindness

Let the entire earth, every person, and every being be blessed With divine sweetness, divine joy, with warmness, caringness and tenderness.

From the center of the heart of God,

Let the entire earth, every person, and every being be blessed With inner healing, inner beauty,

divine bliss and, divine oneness.

Imagine the small earth in front of you. Visualize a golden light from your hands going down to the earth, filling the whole earth with light and love. Feel the divine love and kindness and share these with the whole earth, every person and every being. Feel the sweet, loving feeling and share it with the whole earth. Feel the divine bliss and divine oneness, and share these with every person and every being.


  • On The Light, On The Mantra OM And The Interval Between The Two OMsGently imagine a brilliant white light or golden light on the crown. Look at it gently and lovingly. Feel the quality of the energy emitted by the light. Feel the inner peace, stillness and bliss emanating from the light. Be aware of the light, the inner stillness and the bliss.Gently and silently chant the mantra OM or Amen. Continue meditating. Relax and let go.


  • After meditation, it is important to release all excess energy by blessing the earth until you feel the body has normalized. Bless specific persons, your family and friends. Next, gently be aware of the base of the spine.Project your consciousness down into the earth and imagine light descending into the earth three meters or 1O feet deep.


  • After the end of the meditation, always give thanks to the Divine Providence and to your spiritual guides for the divine blessing.Further Releasing Of Excess Energy Through More Physical Exercises.


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