What is Meditation on Twin Hearts?

What is Meditation on Twin Hearts?
July 21, 2017 Master Glenn

Meditation on Twin Hearts is an advanced meditation technique aimed at achieving illumination or universal consciousness. It is also an instrument of world and community service that eventually harmonizes the earth by blessing it with loving-kindness, peace, joy and goodwill. Meditation on Twin Hearts is a noble tool that raises one’s vibrations toward higher states of awareness and expanded levels of consciousness.

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, an internationally known author, teacher and lecturer and the founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga introduced Meditation on Twin Hearts to the public for the first time in the 1980’s. GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, a spiritual teacher and spiritual inspiration to millions of people worldwide introduced this meditation as a powerful tool for spiritual development. Presently being practiced globally by hundreds of thousands of people of different religions and backgrounds, the Meditation on Twin Hearts is extraordinary in its simplicity with amazing and dramatic results. This exceptional meditation is based on an ancient secret only revealed to advanced spiritual aspirants. GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui utilized different advanced meditational techniques and synthesized it into one simple yet powerful meditation.

Meditation on Twin Hearts is based on the principle that some of the major energy centers of the body or chakras are entry points or gateways to certain levels or horizons of consciousness. The twin hearts pertain to the heart and crown energy centers. The heart chakra is an energy center in front of a person’s chest. It is the energy counterpart to the physical heart. The heart chakra is the center for compassion, joy, affection, mercy, and other higher refined emotions. The crown chakra or the crown energy center, also called the spiritual heart is located on top of the head and is the entry point of higher spiritual consciousness. To achieve illumination or cosmic consciousness, it is necessary to sufficiently activate the crown chakra. This can be done only when the heart chakra is sufficiently activated. Only by developing the higher refined emotions can one possibly experience divine love. When the crown center is highly developed, one experiences Divine Love and Oneness with All.

The heart chakra is a replica, or twin of the crown chakra. When you look at the heart chakra, it has twelve petals, similar to the twelve petals that form the inner core of the crown chakra. The crown chakra, on the other hand, is the center of illumination, or divine love, or oneness. It is situated on top of a person’s head, providing energy for the brain and the glands therein. When the crown chakra is sufficiently activated, its inner core of twelve petals unfurl, open and turn upward like a golden cup, golden crown, golden lotus, or golden flower, to receive spiritual energy which is distributed to other parts of the body.

Blessing the earth with loving-kindness, peace and goodwill through the Meditation on Twin Hearts can also be done as a group. The effectiveness of the blessings is magnified many times more when done as a group rather than as an individual.

When a person practices Meditation on Twin Hearts, divine energy flows down to the practitioner; filling him with Divine Light, Love and Power. The practitioner becomes a channel of this Divine energy.

Spiritual aspirants who have practiced this meditation for quite some time may experience being enveloped by dazzling, sometimes blinding light. In addition, practitioners may experience divine ecstasy and bliss, and a feeling of oneness with all creation. This has been a common experience among advanced yogis, spiritual disciples and saints of all religions, and can be verified through their holy scriptures.

This brilliant light is known as heaven ki  in Taoist yoga, or the pillar of light in ancient Jewish Kaballah traditions. To the Indian yogis and saints, they call this pillar of light, antakharana or spiritual bridge of light. The Christians refer to it as the descent of the Holy Spirit, symbolized by a pillar of light with a descending white dove. The white dove represents the coming down of divine energy. The descent of the divine energy causes the temporary expansion of the practitioner’s major chakras and inner aura. When meditation is practiced on a regular basis, the expansion of consciousness may become permanent.

When people practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts daily or regularly, their major chakras and auras will increase in size, making their energy bodies more dynamic and stronger. With bigger chakras and inner aura, they can become more powerful healers and can heal most minor ailments very quickly and almost instantaneously. Having a powerful and dynamic energy body not only enhances one’s healing powers but also increases one’s effectivity and productivity at work. People who have magnetic personalities or great charisma usually have bigger chakras  and inner auras than ordinary people, and they tend to have a stronger influence over most people. Furthermore, a person who regularly meditates becomes more intuitive and intelligent, when faced with a problem, he will have the increased ability to see directly through the problem and find the right or proper solutions. Those who intend to practice Meditation on Twin Hearts regularly, however, should practice self-purifications or character building through daily reflection so their positive characteristics will be magnified.

The Meditation on Twin Hearts is a form of world service. By blessing the earth with loving-kindness, you fill the world with positive spiritual energies.  The blessings can be directed to organizations, specific towns, cities, countries, or group of nations. When practiced by a large number of people, the meditation miraculously  heals the  earth,  thereby  making  it more harmonious and peaceful.  -GJM


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