How to Organize An Event?

How to Organize An Event?
June 21, 2017 Master Glenn

Who can Organize a Meditation on Twin Hearts Event?

• Pranic Healing Trainers and Trainer Candidates

• Pranic Healing Volunteers

• Men and women with the will-to-do-good

• And Anyone 

– Who wants to plant good karma for themselves and their family

– Who wants to raise the consciousness of an area

– Who wants their life will be blessed

– Who wants to bring organization to their life

How to Organize a Meditation on Twin Hearts Event?

Time and Schedule

– How often? Once a week?

– Time? This depends on who your target market would be. (offices, professionals, academic settings, retirees, teenagers, children etc.)

• Location. Location. Location

– If there is a Pranic Healing Center in your area that can be the ideal location.

– Yoga studios, community centers, community rooms,  libraries, churches, also can be rented

– Factors to consider are: is it convenient, is it private, is it large enough to accommodate your group, etc.

– Small groups of friends may find it convenient to meet in each other’s homes.

• Create a Triangle of Three Coordinators

– You can take turns hosting each week or month and rotate responsibilities. This will prevent the pressure from falling all on one person’s shoulders.

– The triangle combination is Light, Love and Power (or Sat-Chit-Ananda)

– This does not mean people in the triangle are committed to a single role. What it means is at any given time, one member of the group embodies these qualities.

– Working in a group, will ensure that the event continues even if a group member has an emergency, life events and unexpected absence

• Expenses

– Rental of space (if applicable)

– Audio Player and Portable Speaker

– Advertising and marketing

– Establish a mailing list and database

– Post in College Bulletin Boards and Community Bulletins

– Create a MeetUp Group

– Create a Social Media Account

– Gather the contact information of attendees

– Partner with a synergistic established business such as a yoga studio

– Certain scents or incense can also be relaxing but should be used cautiously as there seems to be more sensitively with scents than with sounds. Some people have a hyper sensitivity to smell.

Don’t worry if you get a small response at first.  It is a good time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.  Every day is a change to change your life and life of others.


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